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Shiraz gift baskets and charcuterie boards are the perfect items to gift to employees, business partners, and clients. Each corporate gift basket and charcuterie board is specially curated by our team. Our Certified Wine Specialist and gourmet foods curator selects only the best tasting and best quality products to include in each corporate gift basket in order to create gifts that your employees and clients will love. Each item has been selected from quality, gourmet brands that are combined to create a gift basket or charcuterie board that the recipient will surely enjoy.

During Christmas time and all year round, gift a gourmet gift basket or charcuterie board to show those who are special to you that you appreciate them!

Grab any of these sets that we have put together, or customize your own. Only $10 flat shipping.
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We Specialize in Great Gifts

With Shiraz gift baskets and charcuterie boards, you’re gifting your employees, clients, friends, or loved ones expertly curated, gourmet goodies they’re sure to enjoy. Each gourmet ingredient or brand that makes its way to our gift baskets and charcuterie boards has been tested by gourmet foods curator and Certified Wine Specialist Emily Garrison. Support local with your gift all the way from our store in Athens, GA, to the small, family farms whose products we carry. This Christmas, give gourmet!

Place Your Order

Grab any of our curated gift baskets or charcuterie boards listed above, or customize your own. If you're interested in special ordering charcuterie boards or gift baskets, email Emily at or call us at (706) 208-0010

Delightful Gift Baskets

Send a gift basket from Shiraz to show your appreciation to the special people in your life. Shiraz gift baskets are expertly curated using gourmet products that have each been hand selected and tasted to ensure they each meet our quality standards and are packed with delicious flavors your loved ones will enjoy. We specially design our gift baskets with intention, so that your family, friends, and coworkers will appreciate the thought put into the gift basket they receive. The Coffee Lover’s Box is the perfect gift basket to send to those who love to share special moments around a rich cup of coffee. The Spa Day gift basket is a perfect way to show your love to someone this holiday season and remind them about how much you care. Shiraz provides a variety of hand curated gift baskets so that you can choose the perfect gift for birthdays, graduation, and the holidays. By selecting a specially designed gift basket from Shiraz, you can spend less time worrying about gift ideas and be sure that the special people in your life feel truly appreciated. Order a gift basket, and we’ll ship directly to the recipient. A great gift has never been easier!

Gourmet Charcuterie Boards

Gourmet charcuterie boards are the perfect gift for family, friends, and co workers during the holiday season and for any special occasion. Shiraz expertly curates each charcuterie board using quality, gourmet ingredients to create a variety of flavors that everyone will enjoy. For the cheese connoisseur in your life, our charcuterie boards are sure to delight. Gift a large charcuterie board gift basket that is filled with jams, olives, nuts, meats, cheeses and crackers that pair perfectly together for a delectable experience. Focus just on specialty, gourmet cheese with our standard charcuterie board that pairs specialty cheese with gourmet crackers for a taste everyone will love. We taste and select each product featured on Shiraz charcuterie boards so that you can be sure you are gifting the perfect meat and cheese board for your special occasion. For a cheese board everyone will love, shop Shiraz gourmet charcuterie boards!

Custom Gifts

Send an extra special gift to family, friends and coworkers by customizing your own gift basket from Shiraz. Specially made gift baskets are a unique gift that shows someone how much you care. Shiraz gift baskets are made using gourmet and specially curated products that have been hand-selected to ensure their quality. Customize a unique gift filled with specialty coffee items to show your appreciation to a hardworking coworker or employee. Help design a gourmet charcuterie board for your office or group of friends to enjoy together this Christmas season. Or, fill a gift basket with special spa day products to give someone some much-needed “me time.” Custom gift baskets from Shiraz are filled with gourmet, specialty products that are sure to delight. Call or email us with your customization request. Endless possibilities await at our shop in Athens, GA!

Gift Certificates

There's always that person in your life who you want to spoil, but you are at a loss for what to give them. For those people in your life that are hard to shop for, Shiraz offers gift certificates in any amount. Your friend who loves to cook, or who likes to enjoy a glass of wine every so often is sure to find a gift that will delight them in our shop in Athens, GA.